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"YEARS, that is how long they have been supporting me with financial relief assistance for my family.I run a million dollar company, you would think I could navigate this alone.Worth every penny to get correct information and save me time"Debi M I have a Masters Degree and I'm here to say I could not have succeeded in securing these benefits on my own" Meg D "Susanne has been working tirelessly to help my father and mother get Government benefits." - Diane W. "The staff at Your Estate Coach were incredible to work with!" - Fred L. "Your Estate Coach helped obtain and continue government benefits for my dad. It has been five years of back and forth paperwork and they took care of it all." - Connie I.
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Veterans Benefits

This is public Veterans Benefits information for educational purposes only.


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We would love to talk to you and see if you can take advantage of government benefits. If you do not qualify, we will explain why.

There is help for the elderly and their spouses in the form of Veterans benefits. If you are paying for assisted living or in home care, you could be eligible for up to $25,022.00 per year of extra tax-free income. This should not be considered a “free handout,” as it is a benefit owed to you by way of a pension that the Department of Veterans Affairs provides for those who are receiving in home or assisted living care.

The following information is provided for educational purposes only

The following are the benefit amounts:

Veterans Benefits: Married Veteran with Spouse

  • $25,525.00 Annually
  • $2,127.00 Monthly

Veterans Benefits: Single Veteran

  • $21,531.00 Annually
  • $1,794.00 Monthly

Veterans Benefits: Surviving Spouse/Widow of a Veteran

  • $13,836.00 Annually
  • $1,152.00 Monthly

Veterans Benefits: Two Married Veterans

  • $34,153.00 Annually
  • $2,846.00 Monthly

Veterans Benefits Fullerton Information

Your Estate Coach will assess whether you or your family members are eligible for funding to help with government benefits for assisted living or in home care expenses.

Your Estate Coach is a financial planning firm that specializes in government benefits for assisted living. We are  Consultants and have certified paralegals on staff to assist you through this process. We will provide you with options for  assisted living benefits that you otherwise may have been unaware. We help families regardless of their level of assets.

We understand that you may have many questions; therefore we are fully staffed to address any and all concerns that you may have regarding government assisted living benefits. Our trained and qualified staff will guide you through this entire process as easily as possible. See what others have said about our services by taking a look at our testimonials.

We have witnessed first hand the intricate level of timely ongoing work that is involved in this process; therefore we do not compromise our quality of service. Take a look further about our company and How We are Different and Our Promise. We are unlike any other option you have encountered. We encourage you to look into all of your options, but are confident that you will see the value of our hands-on premium service.

Can I handle this on my own? That is entirely up to you. But we are here to help and advise you in any way we can.

When making an important decision such as veterans’ assistance for assisted living, it is often compared to a lengthy, specialized area similar to adoption, corporate tax returns, mortgage transactions, and more. Consider the consultation of a professional who is qualified to handle the intricacies that are related to governent benefits for assisted living.

  • Processing an adoption
  • Corporate tax return
  • Real Estate transaction
  • Mortgage transaction
  • Legal process in a divorce, litigation, etc.

Your loved one spent a large portion of their life serving others. Let our family help your family understand options in senior care, in home care and assisted living options. Contact us today to see how you can find quality assisted living for veterans, ensuring that your loved ones are cared for.