updated 1:05 AM UTC, May 30, 2019
"YEARS, that is how long they have been supporting me with financial relief assistance for my family.I run a million dollar company, you would think I could navigate this alone.Worth every penny to get correct information and save me time"Debi M I have a Masters Degree and I'm here to say I could not have succeeded in securing these benefits on my own" Meg D "Susanne has been working tirelessly to help my father and mother get Government benefits." - Diane W. "The staff at Your Estate Coach were incredible to work with!" - Fred L. "Your Estate Coach helped obtain and continue government benefits for my dad. It has been five years of back and forth paperwork and they took care of it all." - Connie I.
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Why should we work with Your Estate Coach?

We care about your family. We are a family owned business, ready to help you with over 25 years of experience.

We KNOW what you feel because we’ve lived it. We have experienced firsthand the trauma and anxiety of helping your loved ones through the Assisted Living process. We are a deep resource over others that really are a one person shop working out of their home. We are an educated professional office staff to help you. We follow state regulations and only do business out of a professional office. NOT in people’s rooms or homes.

How do you know for sure my loved one will get their money?

We will not claim we can help you when we cannot. We’ve never had anyone not receive what they’re entitled to when they have done what’s needed. We do this all the time, we know what’s required, we know why people get declined. We won’t even send in an application unless it’s gone through our extensive auditing process. We will not take on a client we cannot significantly help.

What Is a Long Term Care Plan?

We specialize in making sure that people know their options to pay for long term care and assisted living costs. We will review your loved one’s unique situation to make sure they are utilizing all their options. We help you create the plan to pay for care. That is your Long Term Care Plan.

Why does the process take so long?

The application process is not determined by us, it simply can take an average of 6-12 months for applicants to get their government assistance. The more quickly we start working with you in making sure everything is done right up front, the more we can expedite the process.

Can I do the application process myself?

Yes, you can. When you make that decision, take into consideration that people liken the process to: a mortgage transaction, an adoption, a litigation process.

Can I call the Government myself?

Yes, you can. People that do, typically come back to us after they have lost precious time and experienced great frustration. Most end up losing several months of the assistance thinking they can take this on their own. After you’ve become a client – When you are part way through this application process and experience the appeals, additional forms, letters and documents that are hard to understand, you will be very glad you are a client. We do this everyday, we have years of experience working to MAKE SURE you get what you are entitled to.