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"YEARS, that is how long they have been supporting me with financial relief assistance for my family.I run a million dollar company, you would think I could navigate this alone.Worth every penny to get correct information and save me time"Debi M I have a Masters Degree and I'm here to say I could not have succeeded in securing these benefits on my own" Meg D "Susanne has been working tirelessly to help my father and mother get Government benefits." - Diane W. "The staff at Your Estate Coach were incredible to work with!" - Fred L. "Your Estate Coach helped obtain and continue government benefits for my dad. It has been five years of back and forth paperwork and they took care of it all." - Connie I.
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Nursing Home

This is most likely the first time you are looking for senior care
Finding a location for care for a loved can be like finding a needle in a haystack
The choices are home healthcare, home care, skilled nursing facilities, (SNF), Assisted Living, family care givers.
All options have different advantages and negatives.

The biggest shock is the cost and lack of senior care options that are covered by insurance.
Your first line of defense is to make a list of your resources.
See who can cover different tasks in your family

Above all take care of yourself and call us to see what your options are
We do this everyday and understand the stress you are going through

Nursing Home Fullerton Questions and Answers

Q. My mother fell and is in a nursing home.
Medicare will cover the cost of 100 days right?
A. It depends Every person is different. Every insurance plan has limitations.
Call us and we will help you figure out your coverage

Q. My mother is in the hospital so we will get 100 days of coverage right?
A. Not always. Did they admit her? Depending on what the DR wrote she may not even be able to
Call us to help you ask the right questions.

Q. My dad hurt himself and is in a nursing home. This is paid for by the state right?
A. NOT really. Most likely this is going to be private pay charges

Q. We have plenty of time for dad to rehabilitate in the nursing home.
A. You have zero time. Plan on the discharge date the minute you start this process.

Q. After the nursing home the state pays for homecare
A. Not really, you might get some home health visits but, that is limited.


Fullerton Nursing Home Resources

Contact us, we do this every day and can help.


Definition provided by longtermcare.gov
Medicare does not pay the largest part of long-term care services or personal care—such as help with bathing, or for supervision often called custodial care

Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) Care
Medicare covers up to 100 days of care in a skilled nursing facility (SNF) for each benefit period if all of Medicare's requirements are met, including your need of daily skilled nursing care with 3 days of prior hospitalization.

Medicare pays 100% of the first 20 days of a covered SNF stay. A copayment of $157.50 per day (in 2015 ) is required for days 21-100 if Medicare approves your stay.